Music imagined by Nelu Lazar

din vremuri de departe,
din vremuri de demult

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This is a folk opera, a 14-song album, two-act story, that presents the inner feelings and rambles of a random character who is gradually about to fall in love…

The songs are already translated into English, and the English album will be released soon - “of times from afar, of times from ages”, a folk opera by Nelu Lazar.

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Love Lives On

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Nelu Lazar and Joedai Trobairitz & Troubadours - "Love Lives On"

From the album Beyond Collaboration by Joedai Trobairitz & Troubadours.

Details and credits in video's description on YouTube.

Listen to the full album released on December 16, 2022:

"Beyond Collaboration" by Joedai Trobairitz & Troubadours

My original manuscript of the song didn't have any title, but during the production I named the song "1997" because this was my very first composition ever, 25 years ago, back in the year of 1997...

My collegemates were the first to hear my song in 1997, and I'm sure they will be thrilled to hear it finally recorded and published to the world.

The cassette tape with my draft acoustic recording of the song from back in the year of 1997 got dusted over the years, but it still reflects the emotion of the moment and the reasons for this song actually being composed...

I mixed this song in Logic Pro with Dolby Atmos, for 5.x/7.x home theater systems. On Apple Music listen to the spatial audio Dolby Atmos version... 🎼❤️🎵🎶 … 🎧 & 🔈 🔊 🔊 🔊 🔊 🔊 🔊 🔊 🔈

(Return to this page for more details about this song to be added soon...)

Hug (Îmbrățișare)

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"Hug" premiered on April 22, 2022, on all streaming platforms and online music stores.

Maxi-Single "Hug" includes the following songs:

1. Hug
2. Îmbrățișare

Galactic Folk (genre) = folk music mixed and produced in Dolby Atmos & Spatial Audio format, a genre imagined by Nelu Lazar... 🎼❤️🎵🎶 … 🎧 & 🔈 🔊 🔊 🔊 🔊 🔊 🔊 🔊 🔈

Intro (The Seasons' Journey: A Serendipitous Rock Opera)

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The first song of the rock opera The Seasons' Journey is mostly instrumental.

To reimagine the song beyond the original acoustic guitar composition 1999 draft recording (available for Bandcamp subscribers), I reimagined my songs by integrating orchestra sounds with the help of the amazing Chris Hein's ultra realistic virtual instruments, some fascinating Nexus sounds by reFX, and FabFilter's amazing plugins for Logic Pro X.

One day, "The Seasons' Journey" will be 

The second song of the rock opera The Seasons' Journey still doesn't yet introduce guitars and other live instruments.

I rewrote the original acoustic song by converting it to string instruments such as contrabass, viola and violin.

If you'll listen carefully, you'll hear some spatial resemblance of brief segments from the first song "Intro" throughout "The Departure"...

Oftat și Rugă (Sigh and Prayer)

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I wrote "Sigh and Prayer" on December 22, 1999 praising heroes defending humanity, with deep sad thoughts about the souls lost ten years back in 1989... I re-recorded the song in a moment of serenity and reflection in late December 2021, and now it is offered under a Creative Commons license to all people, and to future generations, for eternity.

The song was recorded with a Martin StreetMaster GPC15ME Acoustic tuned Full Step Down D G C F A D, a Jay Turser bass, a Romanian shepherd's flute (fluier), an LP cajon, and shakers.

This particular song is uniquely released under a Creative Commons license Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0).

If you wish to translate the lyrics and record the vocals in other languages, please reach out to me and/or find the English translation in the video description and in the subtitles:

Oftat și Rugă - Nelu Lazar

The original version of this song.

Sigh and Prayer - Nelu Lazar

The English version of Oftat și Rugă.

Oftat și Rugă - Nelu Lazar

Played on a Romanian cobză (first version).

Зітхання і Mолитва

Ukraininan translation of the song Oftat și Rugă (Sigh and Prayer). Anyone can make their own version, translate it, record it in any different way with any instruments, and publish it as their own version.

Oftat și Rugă - Claudiu Dan Lazăr

The first version of this song played by someone other than the author...

Placeholder for YOUR version of Oftat și Rugă (Sigh and Prayer).

Download the instrumental STEM, or record your own instrumentation and vocals, then publish it as your own version of this song.

More music projects...

Coming Soon: Taine Folk - Zmeul Muntelui Zeu (folk opera)

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Taine Folk is a folk music group formed in 1998 by Nelu Lazar, Romell Alaman and Gena Lazar.

Stay tuned for the Folk Opera "The Mountain's Dragon, The Deity" ("Zmeul Muntelui Zeu") by Taine Folk, releasing soon...

Learn more at:

Taine Folk - Templul Naturii

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Taine Folk is a folk music group formed in 1998 by Nelu Lazar, Romell Alaman and Gena Lazar.

Templul Naturii was composed in the '90s, and officially produced and released in 2021.

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Taine Folk - Taina (EP)

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"Taina" is the first EP of the folk music group Taine Folk. Listen to these five songs on this album recorded in 2000:

Learn more at:

Renastere, Nelu Lazar (1999) - Taine Folk


One of the first draft recordings of Nelu Lazar's composition from 1999 - "Renastere" (Renaissance)

Learn more at: Official YouTube Video

Flori de Mai, Nelu Lazar (1999) - Taine Folk

YouTube | Bandcamp

One of the first draft recordings of Nelu Lazar's composition from 1999 - "Flori de Mai" (Flowers of May).

Mirror - Wings of Silence (1999)


Mirror performing at "Midnight Gathering" ("Intalnirea de la Miezul Noptii") rock music TVR Show produced by Petre Magdin, in March 1999.