Nelu Lazar

Time permitting, Nelu Lazar is a singer-songwriter, producer, co-founder of acoustic & rock bands, prosodic book writer...


Born in Romania, Nelu Lazar (aka Jiby) had spent his childhood throughout Transylvania, as well as hiking the trails and peaks of Ceahlau Mountains ever since he was a toddler. Later on, he discovered Brasov. The city of Brasov was, and still is, an everlasting art muse. Nelu embraced music and songwriting and, over the years, he co-founded a few rock and folk music bands, such as Mirror'97 (with Claudiu Păduroiu, Dani Dumitru, and later with Angel Dumitru and Bri Dumitru) and Taine Folk (with Gena Lazar and Romell Alaman). Other great memories from Brasov are still deep in Nelu's heart and soul - mountaineering and cultural activities with friends who love and protect our planet and environment, eternal friendship with college pals, motorcycle rides and events, and the beginning of long exciting professional opportunities. Today, Nelu lives in the United States and spends his free time recording music, writing, playing drums and vocals for The Rèmmotes (along with Alin Mesaros, Chad Miller and Ted Rimstidt), and exploring a few sorts of artistic recreational activities.

Nelu’s vocal interpretation is mesmerizing and his audience is always enthralled when he plays acoustic guitar - and some cobza - versions of traditional fiddling, world romani, alternative folk, folk-rock, grunge, punk, and rock genres, including his original songs from his albums and folk and rock operas he released so far - and some surprises for each unique audience and each distinctive show.

Nelu Lazar is the author of "The Seasons' Journey: A Serendipitous Rock Opera".

Nelu writes songs in both English and Romanian languages, and his songs sound like one or more of the following genres: folk, galactic folk, alternative folk, atmos folk, folk-rock, rock, indie rock, progressive rock, alternative, grunge & post-grunge, instrumental, orchestral, cinematic/epic, rock opera.

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din vremuri de departe, din vremuri de demult
Double Album 2023

Love Lives On
Collab with Joedai Trobairitz & Troubadours
on the album "Beyond Collaboration"

Maxi-Single 2022

Single 2022

Intro (The Seasons' Journey: A Serendipitous Rock Opera)
Single 2021
(Song #1 of the rock opera "The Seasons' Journey")

The Departure
Single 2021
(Song #2 of the rock opera "The Seasons' Journey")

Oftat și Rugă (Sigh and Prayer)
Creative Commons Share Alike 2021