The Seasons' Journey

A serendipitous rock opera.

by Nelu Lazar

1997. A full year of art. The beginning of The Seasons’ Journey. Also the beginning of other art journeys, that may or may not yet be known widely.

The Seasons’ Journey is a story about regaining the trust in who we already are. We are who we know best. Our adventures never start with spring. They never end with winter. They’re a random medley of seasonal falls, blooms, jumps or burns. But we shall always return home.

The tale is a collection of intense, sad poems - yet with a hopeful and spirited outcome - that offers poetry about home and journeys back home, poetry about raw emotions felt while away from loved ones, and a reminder about rebuilding trust in ourselves and strengthening self-esteem as often as we can.

1999. February. The Seasons’ Journey was complete. The last verse was written. Along with the last chord... yes, The Seasons’ Journey serendipitously became a rock opera - not yet widely revealed as of 2020…

"din vremuri de departe,
din vremuri de demult"

("of times from afar, of times from ages")

by Nelu Lazar

A poetry book launching March 26, 2023